Tiffanie with hospital goof-ball Brad Pit.

Tiffanie with hospital goof-ball Brad Pit.

Hello, I am Tiffanie. I’m a student at Cal Poly Pomona, the same university where Dr. Terifaj did her undergraduate studies before transferring to UC Davis to earn her veterinary degree — just an FYI. I will be graduating soon and taking the state test to become a licensed veterinary technician. I’ve been working part time at Founders for the last 2 years — learning a lot about the veterinary profession and getting some great paws on experience! You may have met me in an exam room, helping the doctor or greeting you and your pet at the front desk. Today, I have the pleasure of welcoming you to Founders Undercover, our new blog!

Our dedicated staff (veterinary technicians, office personal, groomers, and the docs!) has decided to share our experiences — the good, the bad, and the funny — about what it’s like to work behind the scenes at a veterinary practice. We call Founders Undercover our own version of Animal Planet! One of us will post something of interest each week about stuff that happens here at Founders in hopes that you find it inspirational, educational, or just plain fun…

We welcome you to leave comments and share your stories, too! However, should you have any medical questions that concern your pet, please call us at Founders Veterinary Clinic, 714-990-0661, for advice.

Don’t forget to visit us weekly for new updates — we are going to TELL IT ALL.  And please tell your pet lover friends to join us…thanks!


PS:  Check out Dr. Terifaj’s personal blog, Dog-Breath  — An outspoken commentary of ideas, healthy insights, and occasional rants that will bust your dogma.