What is scarier than a haunted dog house on Halloween? If you guessed having your dog confiscated as illegal property by Animal Control Officers banging on your front door or sneaking into your backyard — Bingo! If you guessed the ghost of Cruella De Vil, you’ve missed the nightmare of breed discrimination facing dog owners terrified by the question: Will my dog be next? 

Here are some dog breeds on the ‘Hit List’ prohibited by city ordinances and insurance companies which will not insure your property if you admit to having one these breeds: Akita, Chow Chow, Doberman, German Shepard, Great Dane, Mastiff, Rottweiler, and of course the infamous Pit Bull — not an actual breed but loosely refers to three breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

Now, turn the clock back and travel with me to the year 2005, to a dark city with a haunting past and uncertain future, Denver, CO.

My fatal attraction to Denver began in the Spring of 2005 when news of Denver’s brutal breed ban hit the LA Times. Shocked and sickened by the shameful ignorance of city leaders to outlaw good family dogs — targeting them to be hunted and destroyed in the name of public safety — I was immediately recruited to fight the war on breed discrimination.

Denver became my Ground Zero as panic hit the streets when animal control and police officers aggressively invaded private homes and yards to confiscate dogs reported to be “pit bulls.” Denver’s army of dog police also nabbed mixed breeds guessed to carry the bully genetic code — dogs like my very own bully mix Brad Pit and white boxer Rosie! More than 2,000 dogs to date have received a merciless death sentence for being the “wrong breed” in Denver…

Our 2008 march to Brea City Hall.

Our 2008 march to Brea City Hall.

ROVERlution.org was the counterattack as I sounded alarm bells to dog owners everywhere about Denver and other copycat cities gone bad. Next was my Call to Action — the birth of organized city by city protests which I dubbed Luv-a-Bully Marches. Each October I rally the troops in the parking lot at Founders for a one mile street-side March to Brea City Hall.

This October marks our 5th annual March in protest of breed discriminatory laws, sending a clear warning to my city representatives: Don’t even!

This year, Rovers will be joined by cities nationwide in Colorado, Indiana, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and Texas — hosting Luv-a-Bully Marches in support of Pit Bull Awareness Day on October 24th. Over 70 events have been planed in states all across the country. More about the Third Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day posted on Bless the Bullys.

Please join us once again — or for the first time — on Saturday, October 24th. Download flyer here for more details. (pdf format — large file)

Children are especially welcomed and invited to visit our Kiss-a-Bully booth. A special prize will be awarded to the Best Kissed Kid!

2008 winner of Best Kissed Kid.

2008 winner of Best Kissed Kid.


PS: Early this year, ROVERlution.org gave wings to DenverKillsDogs.com — exposing the disastrous results of the ban and demanding the repeal of Denver’s notorious anti-breed legislation. More about the Denver protest rally I attended on August 25th.


PSS: Find out WHY fighting breed discrimination is so personal to me in my tribute to Petey: The Pit Bull Who Could Only Forgive.