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Shorty Rossi, Star of Pit Boss on Animal Planet, Coming to Brea!

Join us for our sixth Annual Luv-A-Bully March, in protest of Breed Specific Legislation (BSL).

Our 2008 march to Brea City Hall.

Our 2008 march to Brea City Hall.

This event is the coordinated effort of in partnership with Annual Pit Bull Awareness Day. On October 23rd, thousands of concerned dog owners all across the country will join forces to spotlight the devastating effects of breed discrimination. This grassroots movement began in 2005 when the city of Denver, CO voted to ban several dog breeds, tragically resulting in the hunting and killing of innocent family dogs.

Breed bans have been birthed by ignorance and fueled with discrimination – no reputable study has found any particular breed of dog to be inherently dangerous!

Nicholas Burr, winner of Best Kissed Kid contest. $100 gift certificate to Disneyland!

Nicholas Burr, winner of Best Kissed Kid contest. $100 gift certificate to Disneyland!

Dog experts cite irresponsible dog ownership as the root of problematic dogs in society. Collected data on dog bites further asserts that ALL dogs can only be judged safe by their behavior. Physical characteristics or breed have no predictive value.

Responsible dogs owners must take action against insurance companies and city leaders that seek to impose breed restrictions. Three breeds most under fire are the American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terrier, all commonly referred to as Pit Bulls. It seems forgotten that the all American Pit Bull Terrier was once a favorite family dog revered as the “nanny dog” and showcased as the loveable Petey in the Little Rascals television series of the 1950s.

Other breeds that have been the target of BSL in cities around the country include the Rottweiler, Doberman, Chow Chow, and the German Shepherd.

When interviewed by the press, Dr. Terifaj, founder of, had this to say:

“The behavior of any breed of dog is largely determined by the actions of dog owners. All dogs must be judged by their actual behavior and not stereotyped as breed aggressive. Insurance companies and government entities who have chosen to penalize dog ownership based on breed prejudice have recklessly violated the rights of good citizens. Media hype and misinformation has largely contributed to the irrational fear and ignorance that surrounds these breeds. Stronger law enforcement of existing dangerous dog ordinances would protect communities from any dog found to be a public threat and stiffer penalties on dog owners who harbor dangerous dogs would target the real problem.” 

Shorty Rossi, star of Pit Boss on Animal Planet and his pit bull rescue organization will be attending the event for the first time!

Over 100 angry dog owners marched down Brea Blvd to City Hall in peaceful protest.

Outspoken veterinarian, Dr. Paula Terifaj, leads over 100 sign-waving protesters on march down Brea Blvd in peaceful protest in October 2009.

Protestors will gather at Arovista Park in Brea beginning at 9am in preparation to march downtown in route to Brea City Hall. Other supporters setting up booths in the park will be Camp Bow Wow, Pin-ups for Pit Bills, OC Pit Bull Rescue, Lisa Scarsi Photography, Wicked Wicks of the West, and Farmers Insurance.

A raffle prize fundraiser will collect donations for Mariah’s Promise in Woodland Park, Colorado. This non-profit rescue was chosen upon learning that they generously took in hundreds of outlawed Denver family dogs to keep them safe from harm.

While at City Hall, Tim Welch of Redefined Dog Training will demonstrate some good training tips to stress the need that all dogs remain welcome in their neighborhoods.

PS: If you have a suitable raffle prize to donate – please contact Jan Keith, our super woofer event coordinator!

Save the date – and do your Dog Duty this October 23rd!

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Help Us Help Homeless OC Pets – Saturday May 15th

Please join us for our second annual Flea Market for Fleabags Fundraiser and Dog Wash!

Bombay, Lily, and Peanut Butter

Bombay, Lily, and Peanut Butter

Help us help homeless OC pets – the need has never been greater! Many good family pets have tragically lost their homes during this real estate/financial crisis and are being surrendered to animal shelters. Local rescue groups are working around the clock to save as many needy dogs and cats as they possibly can! They need our help and more available foster homes. Got stuff you don’t need? Can you share your home and be a foster pet parent?

Please donate your good reusable items for this very worthy cause. We are accepting donations Monday thru Friday – May 10th to May 14th during regular business hours at Founders Veterinary Clinic 330 N Brea Blvd, Brea. Fundraiser begins Saturday May 15th at 9am until 3pm.

Donate and hunt for bargain treasures! Dog wash on site for a doggy bubble bath while you shop. All proceeds from this fundraiser – including our dog wash – will support our Founders Pet Sponsorship Program.

Please forward this information inviting your friends and family, too! And help us find homes for our three wonderful foster pets – Peanut Butter, Bombay, and Lily. So, what is Peanut Butter made of? Find out next week when we announce her pedigree and see if you are a winner!

It’s not too late. Vote here.

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